The third season of Iconic Images Film Festival will provide an important promotion opportunity for Lithuania, one of the central countries of art in Europe. Our festival accepts both short and feature films under various conditions. Applications will be accepted until 18 July. The screening of the winning films will be held on 23th July. We welcome all Filmlovers to our organization.







Here are the categories:


Best Short Film (Genres including Drama, Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi and Horror)
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Animation Short Film 

Best Horror/Thriller Film 
Best Feature Film (All Genres including feature documentary) 
Iconic Poster Design
Epic Scenario
Best Twisted Final 
Best Visual Elements (including color grading and palette, FX and lighting)
Art Design
Best Trailer 
Zero Budget Film
Best Music Video
Best Production Design
Best Director (both male and female)

Iranian Films